By: David Othus

It is not easy to make a team always give its best. Ask any manager and he will tell you how difficult it often becomes to motivate the team members to be always in top condition. However, most successful team leaders find ways to do this and make their teams toil hard and be the top performer day in and day out. It would be worthwhile to know how.

Find the right balance of skills

The secret behind success of a team lies in its formation. Choose members so that you get the right balance of skills. Striking the balance will help the members to motivate each other and work cohesively towards the common goal.

Look after how you treat your members

People are different and your team members would also have different methods of working and communicating. Learn the differences and communicate with them in their preferred style. By doing this you will be achieving two objectives. Firstly, the communication would be most successful as you would be speaking the way they prefer and secondly, the members would appreciate your efforts to understand them and hence try to give their best.

Create short and challenging goals

The annual sales target may seem overwhelming but when you break it up into small monthly goals, they not only become easy but challenging enough to make your members go after them all out. Small goals also keep the team members connected to them.

Praise genuinely

If you ask me what makes an employee feel proud to be a part of an organization, it is appreciation. So, whenever you find a member doing a good deed, praise him. You can give monetary incentives but even words of encouragement will be as good. However, be specific and genuine while recognizing their contribution and never be too late. Actions should be immediately recognized and applauded to make employees feel better.

Have fun together

It is important for a team to have fun while working. Having fun helps the members to relax and know each other and create bonds that last. As you know, when people work together and have fun, they usually put in their best efforts to win.

Be ready to accept new ideas

Today, most companies work under flexible and highly unpredictable conditions and thus it is better to be open to change. As a leader, you should be ready to accept ideas that your members put forward. Your members would feel valuable and work harder to come up with more creative ideas.

To make your team give its best, be with it. Create relationships with each and every member of the team and share their aspirations and problems and you will find your team always making you proud.


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