How to create balance in our lives through our thoughts and actions

By: David Othus

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. ~ Thomas Merton

Life is strange and often presents experiences that are opposing in nature. You may experience abject poverty in your childhood but later on enjoy a life full of riches. Amidst all these opposites, we need to seek balance to lead a life full of peace and serenity. The law of balance is an important spiritual law that teaches us the importance of balance and how to achieve it in our lives.

What is the law of balance?

The law of balance plays a vital role in maintaining balance in our lives, between our thoughts and emotions. To reach to our higher self and to experience divinity, we need a balance. Through balance we can experience love and peace. The law teaches us how to achieve this balance so that our lives are aligned to what the supreme almighty has designed for us.

What is the importance of law of balance in our lives?

The law of balance has immense importance in our lives. If we observe nature, we will find that everything is in balance. While we have winters, we also have summers. The universe works on this principle of balance and we should also emulate it to achieve our dreams and targets.

The law of balance is also important to conserve our energy and achieve proficiency. While too much of negative thoughts can make us weak, too much of positive thoughts can also lead to overconfidence. We need to balance our thoughts like everything else. When our thoughts are balanced, our personal energy will be at the maximum level and this will allow us to reach our potential also.

Our thoughts and ideas impact the universe. Even our feelings and actions also have an effect on the universe. Through our deeds and thoughts we generate our karma which needs a balancing so that we can connect to our higher self and create the life that is originally planned for us.

How to realize the law of balance in our lives?

Balance can be gained only through experiencing the opposites. To experience positive, we need to go through the negativities also. The beauty of the law of balance lies in putting us through all types of experiences and learning from them.

We all have polarities in our lives and the law of balance will help us to achieve the equilibrium by integrating the polarities.

As for example, each of us possesses both masculine and feminine energies. While the masculine energy is characterized by aggression and logic and thinking, the feminine energy is all about intuition, passivity and creativity. When these two forces are poised within our soul, we experience the best of both. Our intuition will guide us to take the best decisions and logic will validate them and we can take the right action at the right time.

Use love to achieve balance in your life

Love is the greatest force in our life. It is the key that binds us to our higher self and also to our supreme creator. It can also help us to bring balance in our lives.

Love acts as an equalizer. Moreover, when we create our thoughts with love, they are balanced. Love teaches us to listen to others and accept them. It defines our existence on this earth and urges us to create harmony amongst ourselves.

Love is the force which helps us to analyze our thoughts and ideas and leave out the extremes and move towards equilibrium.

Love anchors thoughts and no matter how much we venture out, it keeps us bound to our true self. So, we achieve balance of thoughts and energies and open up our hearts to embrace whatever the universe has to offer knowing fully that we can be a part of it without hampering the balance.


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