By: David Othus

Imagine working in a dingy office with a few grim faced colleagues around and a boss screaming at you from behind. Won’t you feel wasted in such an atmosphere? The ambiance plays a great role in keeping employees motivated and boosting their productivity. Let us share some tips on creating the right ambiance that would make your employees feel proud of the organization and motivate them to give their best.

The factors that influence ambiance of an office

There are certain key factors that you have to consider while creating the right ambiance to boost productivity of your employees. Light, temperature, furniture and space are the key factors that you have to consider while designing your office.

Light – when it comes to boosting productivity in an office environment, light plays the most vital role. Improper lighting not only makes the employees feel unmotivated but can also cause a lot of health problems like nausea, headache and eyestrain.

It is better to have natural lighting in the workplace. To control the glare of natural light, you can use blinds. The best way would be to implement layered lighting that combines natural lighting with warm task lighting. The lights should be placed at different angles to avoid causing glares.

Furniture – today, employees spend most of their time sitting at their workstations working on PCs or laptops. Ergonomic furniture is the need of the day if you want your employees to remain healthy.

You should consult good designers while designing the workstations so that the chairs and the tables are of right height and alignment.

Space – it has been found that the old office designs hindered fast response to client needs. Today, we need to have offices that do not generate the feeling of closed spaces. Offices with more open spaces support collaboration and make sharing of information easy. Moreover, cafes are not restricted to eating only; they double up as meeting places for employees.

When it comes to boosting productivity through the ambiance of the office, you have to think of creating a culture of productivity. Your employees should be encouraged to share their ideas freely and create relationships with their teammates. The mission of the organization should excite them and they should feel connected to it. The system of proper feedback and appreciation coupled with a culture of free communication will definitely boost productivity of your employees.

Your office should combine style with functionality to reflect its culture and personality. The right use of furniture, light and color and artifacts will inspire your employees to give their best.


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