By: David Othus


While having a plan is a critical part to success, the power of inspiration is just as critical.  A plan gives you a road map to achieving your goal and gets you headed in the proper direction.  Action should always follow the creation of a plan.


Why then is inspiration important?  If you follow your plan with the right mindset, that is, with sufficient belief, openness and flexibility, you will find that there are many opportunities that can help you all around.  It is the power of inspiration that will lead you to the best of these.


Inspiration comes with a feeling that you should go in a specific direction outside of what you planned for.  For instance, you may feel you should talk to someone about your plan.  Maybe that person can help you or maybe that person will point you in a direction that will lead you to someone or something that can help you implement your plan better or faster.


Sometimes inspiration comes in the way of putting things together in new and unique ways, so that things make sense in a way that they didn’t before.  This new insight allows you to move forward with your plan or may change your plan entirely!


There is a story about a person who was selling fish in a market.  He had an entire business plan created for selling fish, and was doing fairly well.  One day when he was going home, he saw a girl wearing a cute little apron.  When he saw that apron, something clicked inside his head!  An inspiration!  He went home and he and his wife created several.  The next day, he sold them all!  In a very short time his inspiration took him from a middling fish monger to a professional garment maker.  His plan was to run a business.  He followed his plan and he learned about how to run a business and the people of the city and so on.  But that single bit of inspiration changed his entire business, and several years later he became one of the largest manufacturers of clothing in the United States.


Create your plan and follow it, but always be open to inspiration.  It can take the good idea you have in your plan in directions you never expected and turn your life into the miracle it was meant to be.


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