By:  David Othus

Starting with a desire and even a plan is a great way to get going with the with making your desire a reality, but as you start implementing your plan, you will find that you will be often be lead to people who can help you and be given inspirations that will guide you towards your goal.  Because of this, you need to understand the need for flexibility.  God and the universe will take you on the journey to give you what you asked for, or something better, but often we don’t know what this path is.  While having a plan and a good vision of what you want to achieve are critical for getting started, being flexible with both is important.  Remember, we are trying to attract what we desire or something better and doing that means being flexible.  So, make your plan and get starting implementing it right away, and then start looking for the people and inspirations that God and the universe will throw your way to help you reach that end goal.