By:  David Othus

Have you ever noticed that it is hard to see a breeze blowing trees when you are riding in a car, but as soon as you stop, the wind and the motion of the trees becomes very apparent?  This is because when you are moving, you are constantly changing your frame of reference.  In order to really observe what is going on around you, you need peace and stillness so that you can gain a solid frame of reference.  Only from this frame of reference can you notice the breeze gently moving the trees and the other important details of life going on around you.

It is from these points of stillness that you can examine your life, take stock of the things going on, and start to understand.  It is only in the peace and stillness of your mind that you can build dreams and create plans that can be effective maps for changing your life, either moving you back on course or changing your life’s direction all together.

Remember to always observe before you plan or act.  Not too long that you lose momentum, but long enough to gain the solid footing you need to change direction or move on, as the case for you may be.  Taking time to smell the roses is more than just learning to enjoy what you have, but also to see where you are so you can better determine how to get to where you want to be.