By:  David Othus


“Focus and determination beat brains and intellect every time. If you focus on the right things, and work at them often, you will achieve exceptional results.” ~ Unknown

This entire universe is governed by certain spiritual laws. These laws encompass all aspects of our lives and if used properly can assist us to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life. The law of focus is a powerful law that manifests in every sphere of our life. The basic premise of the law is very simple. It states that whatever we choose to focus on gets manifested. The law plays a key role in shaping our destiny.

The law of focus explained

“Energy flows where attention goes”. Have you ever noticed what happens when we get hurt? The moment we pay attention to the wound or the cut, it starts paining. When we focus on a thought, we drive our energy towards it and this energy helps in manifesting it in our life.

If you have a dream and focus all your attention on it, the dream will become a reality. Now the amount of attention you pay directly determines the result you get. This is the beauty and power and simplicity of one of the greatest laws of nature.

Unleash the power of the law of focus

Once you understand the law of focus and believe in it, your entire life transforms. You realize the power it bestows on you. You also become conscious of the fact that your own destiny is in your hand. You can attract or make possible anything that you desire by focusing on it and this gives you control over your life and destiny.

All of us have dreams and aspirations yet only a few of us achieve these. Have you ever wondered why only a handful of us succeed in getting what we want? The answer lies in utilizing the law of focus.

Energy can be divided into two types- positive and negative. The positive energies are more powerful than the negative ones and hence when you focus on the positive force, you increase the possibility of occurrence of positive outcomes.

If you have a dream and if you focus all your energies on it, the dream will eventually get transformed into reality. However, you have to keep in mind to control the negative forces also. Our fears and doubts are the negative forces that deter us from realizing our dreams.

So, you have to unflinchingly believe in the power of the law of focus and let it manifest its beauty in your life. Focus only on the positive things in life and you will experience happiness, success and love.