By:   David Othus


“Love is life.  All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.  Everything is, everything exists, only because I love.  Everything is united by it alone. “ ~Leo Tolstoy


The Law of Love encompasses and surpasses every religion and all expansion of life.

It’s what makes a beautiful garden grow or a child laugh. It builds relationships and cultivates compassion.

To understand the Law of Love, let’s first look at some things it’s not.

The Law of Love is not


Showing Weakness

Sometimes people get the warped view that love is timid and weak. This could not be further from the truth. Love takes strength and courage. It is not being walked over or intimidated.

True love sets healthy boundaries, respecting self and others.

 The Law of Love is not


Emptying Self

Following the Law of Love does not leave you in a place of emptiness. Love involves giving sure, but as you give you also receive. It is openness, an ever-flowing energy of in and out like breathing.

You cannot truly give love if you are unable to receive it. By receiving you give others the privilege of loving. You stay full so you can love again and again continuously.

The Law of Love is not weak or timid. It is not draining or self-effacing.

The Law of Love is



Kindness does things for others without being asked. Kindness checks in and reconnects. Kindness goes out of its way to give and share.

 This includes kindness to you. What you give to yourself is what you are able to give to others. Want to give others sincerely kinds words? Say them to yourself.


Kindness does not encompass all of the Law of Love, but the Law of Love is incomplete without it.

 The Law of Love is




The Law of Love is not suspicious of motives and deeds. The Law of Love does not bring up past hurts to question present sincerity.

The Law of Love trusts that the giver is true and honest. Love involves forgiveness and an ever moving forward. Trusting your own strength and ability to heal and grow while helping others expand, as well.


And, The Law of Love is Freeing

There are no captives in real love. It may sometimes seem that way as our hearts take off and flutter. But, true loves sets your spirit free. It does not control and manipulate.

It expands and gives. It receives and flows. It empowers.


Now You Know…

You now Know what the Law of Love is and isn’t. It is time for your choice. Will you let the Law of Love free you, nurture you, and expand you? Will you use it to free, nurture, and expand others?

May you experience the Law of Love deeply, constantly, and expansively.


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