Align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to experience the divine flow

By: David Othus

The aim of human existence is enlightenment. Our life exposes us to people and situations to teach us the vital lessons that can lead each of us to enlightenment. For those who believe in re-incarnation, it is said that while it takes a single life to master all the lessons and attain consciousness and at times it takes many lifetimes to reach the ultimate goal. Regardless whether or not you believe in reincarnation or not, it underlies the subtle reality of reaching enlightenment or wisdom as the bible calls it: Few people manage to achieve wisdom or enlightenment, but the means of achieve it is well within the reach of all of us. God gives us the tools and opportunities we need to find it, if we only would use those gifts that have been given to us. The universal laws of spirituality teach us all the lessons that are required to attain illumination. The law of divine flow is one such law that seeks to balance our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies to manifest divinity in our lives.

What is the law of divine flow?

The law of divine flow is one of the vital laws of creation. This law governs all areas of our life and is very important to attain success and happiness. The law of flow teaches us that to attain freedom and enlightenment, all the major aspects of our lives must be aligned. The four aspects that law of divine flow considers are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

To understand the law of divine flow we have to first recognize the four aspects of the law and learn how to align them together.

The physical body – the vessel of our existence

The physical body is important as it is the vessel through which our spiritual and mental energies flow. It is the basic premise of our existence and also helps us to manifest spirituality and lets the divine spirit flow through it.

The physical body often gives us vital clues about what is wrong and what is right. It helps us to feel a situation. In this regard, our heart also plays a vital role. It expresses through the feelings or the physical body. The heart gives out the energy signatures that we should feel through the body to create harmony in our life.

The physical body is important to practice spirituality and the state it is in often indicates the state of our spiritual existence also. Most learned men, therefore have talked about the importance of maintaining our physical health and giving it the right food.

We should try to remain connected to our physical body and be careful about the energy signals it emanates. Being aware of these signals will help us to let the law of divine flow govern our life and take us closer to enlightenment.

The mental body – our power instrument

The mental body has two components- egoic and divine. The egoic part is concerned with creating desires and achieving them. Needless to say, the divine mind resides in peace and in tandem with the universal truth. Thus, our aim would be to reside in the divine mind and let it be a part of the universal flow of energy.

When physical body is fully aware of the feelings and it gets united with the divine mind, we can experience serenity.

Emotional body – aggregate of all emotional experiences

The emotional body consists of all the emotional experiences we had and feelings too. Experiences that have hurt us get stored in the memory. These memories create negative energies and thus we should heal all wounds to let the emotional body experience joy. Moreover, love also resides within the emotional body and unless we let go off the past negative emotions, we cannot experience eternal bliss.

Spiritual body – doorway to expanded awareness

Our spiritual body is the doorway that connects us to our higher self and also enlightened awakening. When the physical, mental and emotional bodies are in harmony, the spiritual world unfolds. We experience vibrations from the spiritual body which leads us to consciousness.

So, when you align all the four bodies, you let the divine flow to work and experience its power. It makes you live in the moment and allows love and life itself to blossom.

The law of divine flow helps you to reach harmony and attain consciousness by aligning all the aspects of our existence.


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