By: David Othus

~ When you release attachment to outcomes, you open the full field of possibility. ~

The law of detachment is the sixth spiritual law of success and is a vital law that can guide us towards success and joy. The law may seem opposed to the idea of law of attraction but if you go deeper and understand its essence, you will realize its beauty and how important it is for your life and success.

What is law of detachment?

Law of detachment is a simple yet profound law that teaches us that to acquire anything in this universe, we should not attach ourselves to the outcome.

This law is complementary to the law of attraction and shows us the distinction between desire and intention and our attachment to the outcome. It teaches us to remain committed to our dreams and goals but at the same time not to remain attached to the outcome that we desire.

What is the importance of the law of detachment?

The law of detachment is important for various reasons. Firstly, it teaches us the most vital lesson regarding achieving our goals and dreams. Moreover, it also unites us with our higher self and gently educates us to approach life and its problems with a detached attitude which is essential to attain peace.

The law also explains how attachment to the outcome creates negative feelings in us. When we are appended to the outcome or result, fear, craving and doubt possess our minds which are actually negative emotions. These emotions make us worry and do not allow the mind to be serene. They also work against trust and faith that are necessary to achieve what we desire in life.

Thus attachment leads to creation of dominant negative emotions in our mind which work against our own desires.

When you are detached, you experience complete serenity and positive emotions which take you closer to your dreams.

The law of detachment plays a vital role in reinforcing our belief in god. It tells us not to worry about the future and rely on our self and also on God. He only allows good things to happen to us and so we should leave everything on him.

How to implement the law of detachment in your life?

When we are detached, we are free of fear and worry. We are also free from the burden of our past and the uncertain future also cannot bother us. Now, as we free ourselves from worry, we enter the premise of uncertainty which holds immense possibility for us. We surrender ourselves to our higher self and let our creative mind work to its full potential.

To practice law of detachment, you need to realize how you impose your ideas on people and circumstances around you and refrain from it. You should not force solutions but let things happen on their own. As you ready your mind to accept a variety of ideas without any rigidity, a whole range of possibilities open up before you. With law of detachment you can give supreme power to your creativity to work on things for you.

You also have to realize that in uncertainty there is no chaos or confusion and it leads to freedom and hence you should embrace it. You can achieve security by understanding the wisdom of uncertainty.

When you open your heart and mind to accept uncertainty, you also open up to excitement. Infinite possibilities are presented before you that promise lots of fun and adventure. So, you should leave your fears behind and go ahead to taste uncertainty. With law of detachment you will experience your life becoming magical and you can also unravel its mystery.


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