By:  David Othus

A necessary component of the law of attraction is the law of action.  In short, you need to back up your affirmations with appropriate and timely actions.

For example, if you are affirming, “I am a millionaire!” and you are given the insights and ideas you need to become a millionaire, you will not get that million dollars if you don’t implement it.  If fact, if you are given a millionaire opportunity and you wait too long, that opportunity will likely go away!

In short, fortune does not favor he who sits on his ass.  You must take action to get that million dollars and you need to do it quickly!  The law of attraction will give you the idea, the inspiration and the opportunity, but it is up to you to turn what the law of attraction gives you into the life you desire!  The life you want is waiting for you.  So what are you waiting for?  Dream, believe and take action now to change your life!