By:  David Othus



Life looks like a complicated maze to most of us, and many among us do not bother to find out how to sail successfully through the merciless waves of life. As time went by many people worked to find out the laws of nature that governs life and finally we came to know about the spiritual laws of nature. All these laws affect our lives directly and have a noticeable effect in our day to day life.

Law of Karma

The Law of karma is one of the most fascinating ideas known to us today. According to this law, our actions are bound to rebound and affect us in a like kind. If we give something to someone in need, according to Karma, we will get a similar kind of help when we are in need. The law is applicable to both our good and bad actions hence our whole life has a direct influence of Karma.

Interestingly enough, Karma is free of time factor. Our actions today may come back to us and make an impact on our life a decade later. That’s the reason why spiritualists always warn people about their actions and advise them to send good deeds ahead if they want to have good reactions in future.  You often hear the term, “Pay is forward” in reference to this. It is often advised to deal with people the way you would like to be dealt with, because this is how the life works.

Although recently articulated as law of Karma, the concept behind it existed and remained well known to us for centuries, the English proverbs like “What you sow; so shall you reap” and “do good; have good” are all based on the concept of Karma which advocates that our actions are bound to return and affect us sooner or later. Fascinatingly, the same principal works in physical world as well, called as Newton’s Law, according to which every reaction generates equal and opposite reaction.

In very basic terms if we look around us we see a lot such examples which hint us towards the law of karma. We sow an Apple seed and wait for years expect the tree to grow Apples, if we never expect an Apple tree to grow Peach, then how can we expect that our bad deeds will bring us something good? Similarly, if we do not help others in need, how can we expect to get help when we are in need at a later stage in life? If we have to achieve something good we need to adopt a positive attitude and send good deeds ahead and then wait for Law of Karma to do its magic.

A lot of people with slight know-how of Karma associate Karma with destiny, which only partially true. While Karma can dictate a starting point and general direction, this can be changed through our intentional actions, thoughts, words and motives and hence we are responsible for the reactions we receive in life under the law of Karma.

If we are willing to improve our life and make our lives better than how they are, we need to focus more on the positive thoughts, intent and associated actions. This will make it possible for the Law of Karma to bring us good in return. Our life is in our hands, we just need to understand the delicacies of life to be able to make our lives better. It does not need rocket science to start benefitting from the Law of Karma; all it needs is a positive mind and a good intention.


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