By: David Othus


One of the things I have found that rich people pay attention to is return on investment, particular their investments of time.  This is often due to the fact that they have busy lives and little time to spare and want the time they do have to be of maximum value to them.

When we look at a typical lower to middle class home, we find that often many families will spend hours each week going through ads and collecting coupons to figure out how to save money on the things they buy.  On average that will be around $25 for the week.  And then they drive around to several places to ensure they get the best deals possible.   If we say that the average person spends about an hour going through advertisements and collecting coupons, and then spends an additional hour driving between places, that is a total of 2 hours of time spent to save a total of $25, or $12.50 an hour return for their investment of time.  Unless a person is working a low wage job, they could very likely make quite a bit more money working than simply trying to save money by going through ads.  Additionally, if a person is poor, it may be a better investment of time and energy to spend their time investing in themselves through reading and study so that they increase their overall value in the long term.

Please understand, I am not saying that saving money is bad, and every rich person I have ever met tries to save as much as he or she can.  Also, going through ads can be a fun family experience as well, giving it an additional value in quality and productive family time.  But do pay attention to the amount of time you spend saving the money and how much you are actually saving and then ask yourself, is it really worth it?  Is this the best value for the time you are spending?  If not, consider more valuable ways of spending your time so that you maximize the return of your time investment and focus on creating a better, more prosperous and happy life for yourself.


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