By:  David Othus

To get assistance, you simply need to ask

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” ~ Mathew 7:7.

Aren’t these words very comforting? They urge you to ask, to open your arms and assures you that you will get what you are seeking. These simple words can play a pivotal role in making your life successful.

Asking for assistance – is it a weakness or a strength?

Many people deter from asking for help as they take it as a sign of weakness. They worry that if they ask for help people will consider them incompetent or weak. However, nothing can be more wrong than this.

Asking for assistance is actually a strength that you should practice more often. Whether it is in your office or home, in between your colleagues or friends, when you ask for something, you actually create a positive environment. You give signals that you are ready to learn and make things better. This is a sign of positive attitude that also wins many friends and creates long lasting relationships.

The power of asking

Yes, that’s what the law of assistance tells us as explained in the quotation with which I started this article. You get what you ask. If you need help from a colleague in completing a project, you just have to ask.

When you ask, you open your heart, you let go of your ego and embrace what others have to offer. While it is important to help others, it is equally important to seek help. Asking for help is humbleness and it also teaches you that in life we depend on each other.

As human beings, we were meant to stay together and help each other in times of crisis. By asking for assistance, you simply conform to that law.

Law of assistance helps you to connect to your higher self

On a spiritual level, we are all seeking something. Be it a good job, wealth or happiness, we are all looking for something. However, we have to find out what makes us happy and get that. We have to look inside and listen to our calling. To know the purpose of our life, we have to ask to reveal the truth. We have to connect to our higher self and find the purpose of our life and pursue it.

The law of assistance urges us to open ourselves and let go of our fears. It teaches that asking for assistance is a virtue and we just have to openly ask for it. It teaches humbleness, gratitude and also to connect to our inner self and people around us.