Appearing for an interview over Skype? Here are the soft skills you will need

By: David Othus

Today I am sitting next to a manager who is conducting an interview over Skype. I have done this many times as it allows me to interview people from all over the world in an easy, convenient. While it was very rare to conduct an interview over Skype or any other similar product a few years ago, taking interviews using Skype has almost become a norm nowadays. It saves a lot of time and is cost effective too. As a candidate, you get the advantage of being in a known and comfortable environment while appearing for the interview. However, you cannot take it lightly as you still have to impress your future employer to offer you the job and should use your soft skills to the best of your advantage.

Soft skills needed for Skype interviews

Since you will be viewed over your webcam, you need to make sure that you are in professional attire. Choose a location where there will be no distractions and make sure that the interviewer does not see piles of books lying on the floor or shabby posters on the walls. These are the vital soft skills that you will need to get through the interview-

Self confidence – You need to look and sound confident. This is the most important soft skill that employers want in their employees. Since your torso will be visible to the interviewer, make sure that your body language is positive and confident. Sit upright with your shoulders square and restrict hand movements as they may distract the interviewer.

Positive attitude – This is must if you want to grab a good job and move ahead in your career. Being positive also helps in tackling challenges and being innovative. So, let the employer know your positivity through your body language and smile. A smile is important as it also shows how energetic you are. Greet each question with a smile as it shows that you are comfortable with answering anything and take your time to think and reply.

Verbal communications skill – This skill plays a great role in Skype interviews and often employers take interview over Skype to test the verbal communications skills of the employees. So, listen to the employer carefully and always clarify if in doubt. Answer in a clear voice and make sure that you use the right language. Always stare at the screen while answering and speak slowly but firmly.

Organization skills – You need organization skills to handle your assignments and deliver them in time. While appearing for an interview over Skype, always keep a copy of your resume ready along with your credentials and other documents. If the employer wants any clarification, you can refer to them and answer.

If the interviewer shares vital information with you that you may need later on, use a pen and pad to jot them down. This will show that you are meticulous and serious about your job.

Appearance – Even though you are interviewing over video chat, you still need to look professional. This doesn’t mean wear a suit and tie, but it does mean to dress business casual.

Hone these skills and make sure to know how to use Skype before you appear for the interview. If possible, check with a friend and appear for a mock interview before the real one.


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