By:   David Othus

‘Have faith in the universe and its capability to lead you to the path of abundance.’

– Stephen Richards

Life is a full of mysteries, hard to understand and decipher. The spiritual laws are one of those mysteries which are not easily understandable but worth believing in. These laws explain how we receive things back from nature, from a short act of kindness to sending a positive feeling for someone; everything is governed by these laws.

Law of abundance is one of the important laws. According to this law, universe has an abundance of everything including physical and spiritual treasures, however, we need to believe and open ourselves in order to receive those gifts. If we change our perspective and start believing that universe has the abundance of everything for us, and we send a positive vibe then only we can receive the blessings and physical wealth from the universe.

Universe is holding an unlimited energy within it. We, being part of this universe, have the ability to synchronize with this energy. We release constant energy stream outwards, once we synchronize ourselves with the energy of the universe we can then harness the incoming positivity which provides us with a spiritual satisfaction as well as fulfillment of our materialistic desires.

We often find a lot of people worrying about money matters and how they are unable to fulfill their basic materialistic needs. The point they miss is that the hurdle is not the lack of things but their lack of belief in the law of abundance. Their worries and fears are what stop the universe from providing them with what they need. It is said that money searches for its true deserving owners more than the people struggle for money, and it reach the hands of those who believe that they can have it, and throw away their fear of not having it.

We are the masters of our own lives during our existence on earth, and universe gives us what we expect of it. When we believe that universe has a scarcity of the things we desire, universe responds in the same way and show us a scarcity. To unleash the unlimited and boundless bounties of universe we need to start giving ourselves in to the belief that we can have anything we want if we start believing it.

Paulo Coehlo explained the power of belief in universe, in his bestselling book Alchemist in the following words,

“And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

He clearly advocates the fact that universe is ready to favor you but you only need to wish for the things you need and have faith that you will get them soon enough. Within no time you will start witnessing how the universe opens up to you and shower its bounties and blessings upon you.

To express your faith in the law of abundance you need to have a clear vision about following things:

1)      What do you need?

2)      How much do you want it?

3)      When do you want it?

Once you have a reasonable and rational set of demands, you can then simply work towards it throwing all your fears away while believing that universe is going to provide you with all you need and soon, you will see the law of abundance in action and you’ll start reaping the fruits of your belief.


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